Your first visit

Thank you for choosing Advanced Health Physical Therapy as your physical therapy provider.

If you have not received our paper work yet, you can download the forms here, fill them out and bring them to your first appointment.

Plan on your first visit to last approximately one and a half-hours. In order for us to effectively serve you, we ask that you arrive fifteen minutes prior to your appointment time to process the necessary paper work.

If we will be treating your knee or lower back,please bring a pair of shorts.

Please also remember to bring:

What happens at your first visit

At your first visit the physical therapist will perform an initial evaluation/examination and determine your physical issues, discuss with you the findings, establish a treatment program, explain what will happen at the regular treatment sessions, begin with some of the treatment, teach you your home program that needs to be started right away, and issue to you a specifically designed home program hand out, with pictures and instructions.

Our physical therapist will act as your physical therapy coach to educate you and train you so you can become independent.

More questions?

If you have more questions about your first visit or physical therapy in general, please read our FAQs or call us at (207) 622-9467 in Augusta, or (207)873-4638 in Waterville.

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