After helping thousands of people live pain-free lives in Germany, France, Mississippi, Tennessee, Oklahoma and Maine, Susanne Bouchard, PT, LMT established Bouchard Physical Therapy Services in Augusta (now Advanced Health Physical Threapy) and Waterville, Maine in October, 1989.

Susanne Bouchard, PT, LMT, CEO, Physical Therapist, Founder and President of the Business, with over 40 years experience, originated her physical therapy studies in Germany, and in 1977 moved to the United States with her husband.

Susanne remembers: "Back then, when people asked me what I did for work and I said Physical Therapy, they had no idea what it was. It wasn't even in the yellow pages." At that time physical therapy was mostly located in hospitals.

Since there were almost no private physical therapy practices in the area, Mrs. Bouchard saw the need and the opportunity: "I wanted to be able to give my patients the highest quality of care, as well as utilize specific physical therapy methods developed in Germany". Gaining unique skills and expertise from that country and combining it with the American way of treatment approach, she has been able to provide high quality physical therapy techniques that have brought about lasting treatment results. Being trained in Cranio-sacral Therapy, Neuromuscular Therapy, Muscle Energy, Strain-Counterstrain, Connective Tissue Massage, has made the hands-on therapy invaluable. "It's extremely rewarding when a patient tells you of being completely free from pain as a result of the therapy sessions."

"During the past few years, the competition has been tougher as there are more therapy clinics in the area. Advanced Health Physical Therapy has been able to continue to make a positive impact through service to the community by upholding a reputation for providing outstanding patient-oriented care. Word of mouth has been our best advertisement."

Mrs. Bouchard also credits the company's ability to stay competitive through the commitment to excellence of her high quality, experienced therapy staff.

She thanks local physician providers who have entrusted their patients to Advanced Health Physical Therapy. "What makes this Physical Therapy practice so unique is that each patient receives hands-on care from a very good, long-standing staff knowledgeable in the specific soft tissue approach dealing with chronic pain."

Water therapy (aquatics) plays a vital role in rehabilitation in Europe. For that reason, Susanne Bouchard was the first to start the adapted aquatic program in warm water (92 F), in 1985 in the Waterville area, and, along with her staff, continued for 20 years with the warm water aquatic Physical Therapy at the at the Waterville Boys and Girls Club and the Alfond Youth Center. Bouchard Physical Therapy (now Advanced Health Physical Therapy) has also been the first physical therapy clinic in the area to use magnetic energies in the practice.

Change of locations

Our patients and clients were seen in Waterville at our clinic at 174 Kennedy Memorial Drive, as we rented office space from Dr. Robert Hottentot, Orthopedic Surgeon, for 13 years. In August 2002 we moved into our own facility at 149 Silver Street, Waterville, Maine, which gives us a lot more space and a gym area.

In Augusta, over a period of 14 years our business grew from a little satellite office to a full fledged larger Physical Therapy Clinic, and Health and Fitness Facility.. We were pleased to move into our brand new building in October 2003, after we had spent 9 years in the little Radio Station building next door.

The Biblical motto: “laying hands on the sick and they shall recover” has been our motto since the start of our Physical Therapy clinics. Tens of thousands of patients, clients, and customers have again and again affirmed to us that we truly perform: “hands on personal care”.

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