Frequently Asked Questions

What happens during my first visit?

During your first visit the physical therapist will perform an initial evaluation to determine your physical issues and develop a treatment plan and a home program for you.

For more information about your first visit, please visit our First Visit" page.

What do I need to bring to my first visit?

Please bring:

If we will be treating your knee or lower back, please also bring a pair of shorts.

How long will the first visit and the following treatments last?

Plan for your first visit to last approximately one and a half-hours. The following treatments last one hour.

How many visits will I need?

It depends on the severity of the injury. The older the injury, the more visits you will need.

How do I make an appointment?

To make an appointment with one of our physical therapists or physical therapy assistants, please call us at (207) 622-9467 during our business hours.

How do I cancel an appointment?

If you have to cancel an appointment please call us as soon as possible at (207) 622-9467. For cancellation fees please refer to the 'Policy of Broken Appointments' in our welcome letter form.

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